Friday, February 19, 2010

I LOVE Adam Lambert!

This is random, I know! lol
(2nd post for today)

I am LOVING Adam Lambert!!!
I haven’t really listened carefully to his songs before. So today, I spent some time on youtube buffering videos of him, his songs, some interviews he had, and people talking about him and his sexuality… I absolutely love him! (I guess all gay/bi people do too, right?)
He’s also super hot!
I wish I could put some eyeliner too – if only society would tolerate this! lol
His song lyrics are really deep and his voice is gorgeous - well, who am I to say the opposite?
And his Mother is also super cool - she was once asked in an interview about her son and how she found out about his sexuality and she is extremely supportive and loving!!

Bye the way, his song “No Boundaries” is AMAZING!
Check out its lyrics... I think it kinda resonates with me and how I feel…

Seconds, hours, so many days
You know what you want, but how long can you wait
Every moment lasts forever
When you feel you've lost your way
And what if my chances were already gone
I started believing that I could be wrong
But you gave me one good reason
To fight and never walk away
So here I am still holding on

With every step you climb another mountain
With every breath it's harder to beleive
You make it through the pain
Weather the hurricanes
To get to that one place
Just when you think the road is going no where
Just when you almost gave up on your dreams
They take you by the hand and show you that you can
There are no boundaries.. (x 2)

I fought to the limit, to stand on the edge
What if today is as good as it gets
Don't know where the future's heading
But nothing's gonna bring me down
Jumped every bridge
Run every line
I risk being safe
I always knew why (x 2)
So here I am still holding on


Micky said...

Hmmn. Life won't wait for you, you know, Sam?

You gotta go out and get whatever you want.

If you want to wear eye liner and be open about yourself then you must organise your life so that you can do that. Life won't do it for you!

wayner said...

If I were a teen today, as a homosexual, I would definitely go for the emo look; I have watched a few sex vids of hot emos going at it and it is quite the fantasy.
-And those lyrics; yes when you are young, you certainly feel like a blind man stumbling around trying to find the right path. Smoke and mirrors can fool you. Looking back, I find that it is best to prepare yourself so you can take advantage of those opportunities which do come along; whether sex or getting a job. To get a good job you must be educated. To get sex, Sam, it is all about risk. Risk of rejection, risk of what others may think, risk of character, risk of getting a girl knocked up, risk of getting caught sucking a cock lol, and the risk of saying 'fuck it', I'm going for it! But you may end up in bed with paradise. - Wayne

Seraphim said...

YES!!! lol freakin love Adam, and yes he is hot :P and his music is awesome, his album is amazing, i suggest Broken Open, A Loaded Smile, and Soaked :D

and Micky is right, be yourself dude, put on the eyeliner and turn up the Adam Lambert music :P, screw what "society" thinks, no matter what people will find something about you to complain about, so you might as well be happy with whatever it is that makes you happy, which in your case would be eyeliner :D

CoolCharlie said...

Like a black earring! mmmmm... I could live with that!... He is cute! and is an awesome singer...

Ok min lille kål, yes it would be fun and very cool to wear eyeliner, but NOT WHERE YOU ARE!... youre there for the prestigious education they are giving you... When you get to college you can for lack of a better term... go crazy... lolz... but till then...mmmm... wait!

It’s funny, I could proberly get away with eyeliner here... I’d proberly have the shit beat out of me.. But college would be ok!... but loud music... no! I had a friend kicked of college like last year cause he played loud music!..

So I understand a lot of guys don’t get what it means to be where you are!... But that's like ok!... and in his own unique way Wayner is like right... just like don’t get caught like sucking cock!... hehe!

Unless it's like Adam Lambert!!! lolz Then you want the world to know... hehe!


B. said...

He's bit emo :P but still, looks kinda hot and yeah that song is amazing, I have never hear him before. Well, maybe I did but I didn't pay much attention.

Sam said...

College time, College time, College time!!!! When will you ever come?

I wonder if I am being a bit too ambitious in terms of how much I'd be relieved when I move to college..
I feel like I'll chicken out and miss out big time!