Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A letter to my former teacher… “We’re up to better tomorrow!”

Hello guys!

   Today a teacher at my school brought to us, students, some colored papers to write on them notes to my former teacher (the one who came out to the student body during that presentation on homosexuality; the one I am close to and the one who’s been helping me me a lot with my confusion)

So, although I am on very good terms with him and communicate with him very often via emails, chat and phone calls… I did get emotional when that teacher told us today that he is moving outside the country tomorrow  (I did know about that before though). This means I will no longer be able to see him – at least not any soon. We did agree however that we will always keep in touch (he asked me to keep him posted about everything that happens with me and email him whenever I need to talk to someone)… I promised to visit him in San Francisco one day and he’ll take me to some of the best “special” bars and restaurants around lol (I cannot wait for that to happen – hopefully if I do end up in a US college, I’ll work something out)

So, although I was mentally prepared for this moment to come – when I will not be able to see him for some time – I did get emotional and felt like crying. BUT I did not cry because I was amongst my school mates and none of them understands the strong relationship that’s between me and that teacher. They’d wonder why :P
So I went to my room and had little time (like 20 min) to prepare for him a small card as explained below:

I wrote on the front cover:
“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”

Thanks, Mr. X!
I will never tell you “Bye” because I’m going to see you soon; again and again.
One day, I’ll see you in San Francisco or in – (my capital city)
Courage and Honour,

On the inner side, I cut out a rainbow- like shape out of some paper and wrote on it:  
“We’re up to a better tomorrow”
Below that, I wrote the following:
The word “thanks” is not enough to describe how much having you in my life is precious to me.
By talking with you, I feel real. You’ve taught me to appreciate who I am and helped me discover myself – more and deeper.
As you always say “Everything happens for a reason”.
 Our paths have crossed for many reasons. I am at the beginning of the journey to find them out…
Animo y suerte,
And that was it :)

The signatures “Courage and Honour” and “Animo u suerte” are ones that my fellow blogges and friends use and which I totally adore : ) Thanks Guys!

I feel kinda selfish because of what I wrote in that card… I only talked about how much he is important to me – it does not seem like I am any helpful to him… so I am like always using him without giving anything in return. That’s only how I feel – though he always told me that he enjoys talking to me too.

I hope my words were strong enough to show him how much he’s important to me and that I really really appreciate all he’s done and will still do to me.  I am not usually good at writing cards and emotional stuff… I tried my best…

PS: I am extremely overwhelmed with school work and have loads of side stuff (projects and activities) to do too… But I am so addicted to blogging now that I cannot stop myself from posting for a long time….
Wish me luck in finishing my work on time and meeting the deadlines!

Muchas Gracias for reading!



alex said...

I think your ex-teacher and friend will feel very happy to receive your note and did not think you are selfish, the fact that you feel so it's just because you're someone used to giving much of himself to others.
Good luck in your studies, and although your dedication is commendable, try to find time to relax.

Old Midhurstian said...

I don't see you as selfish at all. Part of being a good teacher is the care and support of the young. Actually it's part of being an adult in general, the problem being that too many people fail in this responsibility. I suspect that he'll simply be happy with the knowledge that you care about him.

Good luck with your assignments and take care


Earl Grey said...

I don't think you should feel selfish at all! It's been my experience that the people who help others come out/come to terms with their identity are often relieved to know that they are helping. Perhaps they identify a little with your situation and find some measure of pride in what they do.

xXxJoshuaxXx said...

Hey Bibi!

Aww why didn't u tell me man!
We must speak tomorrow!

Hope u are making progress on ur school work!

Octavius said...

Didn't sound very selfish to me. In fact if you had listed all the things you have done for him, on his leaving card..., well that would have been selfish... hahahahaha!!

What you wrote was really lovely, and I doubt he could read with without a tear.

Good luck for the upcoming studies chap!

Courage and Honour!


wayner said...

Yeah, you better focus on getting thru your courses and graduating; must be an ultra-religious conservative homophobic hellhole. (why didn't you tell your parents emphatically you were NOT going to this particular school?) In the meantime you can go to for some inventive self-enjoyment techniques until you can get out of there! lol I know you're not confused.- Wayne

Scottie said...

Wonderful Sam, Beautiful and elegant. I teared up reading what you wrote. I am sure it will mean a great deal to your him.

Was he fired for being gay / coming out?

The message you wrote was well thought out.

Be well, and don't get over whelmed

Warm Hugs,

southern said...

Selfish is something you are not Sam.If I was in your teachers shoes I would be over the moon and my heart warm recieving that card from you.
Regards Stef.

Sam said...

Thank you VERY much guys!! It means a lot to hear from you!! love you, love you, love you!!!

PS: He was fired indeed, but not for being gay - an elusive reason that students do not really know

btw, I chose to come this school, not my parents forced me or so... so I cannot really complain to them. But it's gonna be over soon, I hope!

Take care guys and remember that I love you all!

I am off to more school work now! lol


CoolCharlie said...

You are the man, Sam, what you wrote matters, dont you forget it!

Courage et honneur! babe, coraje y honor!

B. said...

AMAZING SAM!!! I loved it...

Sam said...

Merci :)