Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gays should become monks and lesbians should become nuns

Hey Guys!

I had a very interesting (or more like pissing off) discussion yesterday over lunch with two interesting (in a negative way :P) friends. One of the guys was asking me why I haven’t been going to Catholic Church with them lately (yeah, by the way I am Catholic lol). So I told him that I am busy and I am kinda having some issues, questioning Catholicism and whatnot. But I still go to the other church (kinda Anglican) from time to time. So he started asking me what exactly I am questioning and I told him about some of the stuff then I lastly asked him “what are the views of the Catholic Church surrounding homosexuality?” (coz I once heard that they believe homosexuals are diseased, need a lot of prayers and should practice celibacy…)

So He told me: “Gays should become monks and lesbians should become nuns” He said that this is what Catholicism believes. So I told him “this is BS!!!” (Bull Shit lol) and then tried joking him saying that this is something they’d enjoy. “Imagine! All gays together in one place – the monastery – and all the lesbians together too!”
He laughed, saying that this should not happen, bla bla bla. He wanted us to talk more about this topic – yeah right! He’s trying to bring me closer to his views but I left the dining hall and told him we’d discuss that later… it pissed me off a bit.
What do you, guys, think of this?

Back to me and my religion. Well, I believe in God (God of Love, as Josh would say). I also happen to be Christian (coz I was born in a Christian family) and a Catholic one too. I enjoy my religion and strongly believe in it. At the time, I’d like to be Christian – full stop. Jesus came to unite us, not to make us have various divisions within Christianity, I believe. I respect my religion and background. From Catholicism, I take what makes sense to me and kinda leave out those things that may sound illogical, in my opinion. (Excuse my preachiness)
For instance, I accept the theory of evolution- I can see how both evolution and God’s creation of Man can coexist (I look at the story of Adam and Eve, for example, as a legend that God used to simplify the complexity of His creation so we can easily understand and relate to what He has done…)
These are just my thoughts... I’d love to see what you guys think!!!

Anyway, I have been so unproductive yesterday and I wish I had studied a bit.
By the way I am going out tonight with my college counsellor and 2 other friends (Drama Queen and the guy I hate – after having loved for some time last year). It’s gonna be like a retreat for us coz we agreed on helping her (the college counsellor) in proctoring a pre-SAT this morning (8:30 am till noon) for the first year students. We’ll go to the mall in the afternoon, then have dinner and watch a movie – it should be fun! (anything that makes me go off-campus is Fun!) lol
So I will be unproductive tomorrow too. FML :P
I am off to go now, and help her out…

Hope you guys have good plans for the weekend!
Have fun and stay safe!



Manu said...

I'm Catholic too :)

And I do love my religion, some things are like "yeah, no" but I believe Church is slowly changing, I mean you can't expect Pope saying on day, "today I'll tell the world having sex with members of the same sex is ok" I mean it won't happen like that lol.

As for the evolution thing: On the 12 August 1950, the Catholic Church accepted that the theory of evolution was a valid scientific inquiry, stated by Pope Pius XII in the encyclical Humani Generis saying “research and discussions… take place with regard to the doctrine of evolution”.
On 22 October 1996, in a speech to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences plenary session at the Vatican, Pope John Paul II declared the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin as factual, and wholly compatible with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Although accepting the theory of evolution, John Paul II made one major exception - the human soul. “If the human body has its origin in living material which pre-exists it, the spiritual soul is immediately created by God.

Lol I'm such a geek, I loved religion class :p

Micky said...

It's perfectly OK to believe in your God (because of course it might seem like a different God to a Jewish, Catholic, Muslim or Hindu person for example) without adhering to any religion.

Afteral, religion is man's interpretation of their God's will into a set of guidlines or rules by which we might live as believers.

It is truly up to you whether you choose to follow any particular set of religious belief, become a Humanist or a non-religious person, like the vast majority of the people in the world surely are!

It doesn't stop you believing in (a) God.

Oh and, for the record, if I had to become someone in the Catholic Church then it'd be a Priest please! That way at least I could hear all the boys' confessions and have choirboys and Server boys around me all the time!

At the finish of Mass I'd have to finish up all the wine I'd accidentally blessed and we'd not used, I could have many of my fave bits of organ music played AND I could get high on the incense!

Old Midhurstian said...

I have no problem with any belief system as long as it doesn't marginalise or demonise other people who either follow their own particular beliefs or choose a lifestyle at odds with established doctrine.

I have no faith myself having lost it at 10yrs but whatever anyone else chooses to believe is entirely their own affair.

Incidentally one of my closest straight friends is a deeply committed Catholic.

@Micky. Possibly the only set of criteria that could bring me back into the fold and I'm an organist as well :)


alex said...

Talk of religion is a difficult issue, because religion by definition is based on faith (believing what can not be proven). The problem with religions is that much depends on who are in charge, so although in theory the dogma does not change, the interpretation of the dogma can cause disasters.
As for celibacy, if one takes into account the scandals, which appear each time more frequently on the sexual behavior of clergy, maybe monks and nuns are not the best example of celibacy. You practice more celibacy in your school, Sam :D
I believe that religion should be something personal, ancient Buddhist proverb says:
"一千 个 和尚, 有 一千 种 宗教"

wayner said...

Just another example of 'society' stomping on homosexuals and keeping them in their place. They want to take your sex life away from you, Sam, so that every time you have homosexual sex, you will feel fear and guilt afterwards. What a rotten thing to do to a person! Have wonderful, affectionate and emotional love with someone, and they make you feel guilty about it. But every time you look at media, they are shoving heterosexuality in your face. What hypocracy. I better shut up because I'm starting to lose it! I think I told you before, Sam, to understand religion within the context of the times they were written, by men, thousands of years ago. They use it today, out of context, to have power and control over you. Think for yourself. - Wayne

scottiestoybox said...

Hello Sam. I think it is fine for people to have beliefs. I support everyones right to a set of codes and comfort for their life. I do not support organised religion and religious organisations.

I believe that religion is one of the greatest behavior modification tools ever created. You want some one to behave a certain way, then a deity told you and how can the other person argue against that , without becoming the outsider.

So to control the population, religion is a great tool. Plus it keeps the lower income in society in there place and calm by promising them their reward in a later life. Sparing the higher end incomes the uncomfortable possibility of an up raising against them.

Well that is my view. Every one has an opinion, and most give them out free. Take them with a grain of salt and remember like most things, they are worth what we pay for them.

Be well, drop me a line now and again telling me how you are getting along. I miss your emails.


B. said...

I'm Christian, too, as I said in one of my posts, and I hate to see how the Church is abusing the will of God. I'm repeating myself, but I wanted to comment on this one...

And, OMG, you really are clever one thinking that joke about "they'd enjoy" lol...

Yeah, that would also piss me off, but I wouldn't react at all, cause I always act like that... When someone says something against or some joke considering gays/"different" people, I just slightly agree and nod my head or ignore the topic, cause I don't want to get into it, and be suspicious... :) but it's sometimes very awkward. You know the feeling when you feel awkward, like if I am a blusher, I would probably blush or something. Very unpleasant feeling. That's why I usually avoid that topics when talking to my friends, or just agree and move to the another :)

tman said...

Sam, I agree with your interpretation of Christianity...I was raised in the Catholic faith, confirmed at age 13 and became a Christian soldier at that moment. I took my vows as seriously as I pledged my duty to my country during a time of war. People can joke all they want about the corruption of priests or the inane practice of faith but they should understand that faith is much more than a simple word or thought or expression. It is a gift that is given to those that want a connection with something other than the flimsy trappings that surround us here on earth... And, I can tell you that it is true that there are no atheists in foxholes, at least not in my experience. The notion that corrupt individuals somehow define or represent an entire belief system, is, of course, complete, hysterical, nonsense...One of the primary teachings of Christ was that we all sin, but we are forgiven through Him... Even a cursory understanding of His teachings makes foolish the argument that a church is corrupt because of corrupt people...Now, I said that I became a soldier of Christ when I was 13... In the years since I took those vows, my heart has been broken time and time again by the corrupt behavior and the corrupt beliefs of many Catholics who apparently do not have Christ in their hearts. I stopped attending the local Catholic church 25 long years ago, after an argument in the vestibule of the church with a member of the Knights of Columbus. He was passing out literature, in the vestibule, about the 'sin' of homosexuality and was asking members to sign a petition testifying that they condemned this 'sin'. I asked him if he understood the teachings of Christ, and he said, "Of course I do!" I asked him what Christ meant when he spoke about the way he expected us to love each other...He replied, "I will love homos if they agree to not practice their ways and change to love God." The people leaving the church were nodding their heads like good little sheep and signing the petition on their way out... I told this supposed man of God that one of Christ's greatest gifts to mankind was the way that he died. He died forgiving the people that took his life and the 2 imperfect men that died on either side of him on that hill. I told him that the lesson of Christ's death, His gift to all of us, all his imperfect children, had been lost on him, and that the day he and the others would stand next to me as brothers in the same faith would be the day that he started to live in the faith, not pervert the faith. I have not returned to worship in that church, where I was baptized and where I became a soldier at age 13. I chose to go out into the world and try in my imperfect way, to live in a way that would make my Father proud. It is a simple way, one that holds others before yourself, and love over money. I learn more about God in the eyes of a sincere man or in the unselfish act of an attentive parent than all the preaching of the imperfect people that claim ownership of His message on earth...Someday, I hope to return to the church that I never left, the good and caring place that put God before man, that understood that we are all His children... Until then, I fight my war out here for you, Sam, and the many Sams that follow. Never give up, never give in, what is in your heart is His voice; That is enough.
Love to you Sam<3 tman