Sunday, February 14, 2010

* Asian guys fetish! *

(second post for today - please check out the one before)

I had a great day today. I woke up late – in my standards (around 9) and left campus at 10:30.
I went with a few teachers (including my Chinese teacher) and some students to China Town.  We visited the Chinese market where I bought nothing (it was kinda stupid, with many fake E.D Hardy clothes lol) and then went to a Chinese restaurant. We had a 12 course-meal! It was Heavenly – I ate oh so much!!! I ate as if there’s no tomorrow – it’s been so long since I have had such good food (because of the crappy food at my school). We ordered almost everything on the menu and had all types of meat: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Duck, Prawns, Fish, and other funny seafood creatures lol

OMG!! One of the waiters there (he’s the son of the restaurant owner) is so damn hot! He’s Chinese and extremely CUTE! He’s in his twenties I think and has the most amazing innocent look I have ever seen. I think I have some sort of a fetish for Asian guys… seriously, I really admire them! I love their neat and clear face with those angelic features and OMG! I love their hair… That dude had relatively long hair and it suited him so well… Gosh! He’s so so so cute! (He’s like a combination of the 4 guys in the picture below – and even cuter!)
I’d die for him! (or for someone like him lol)
I think it’s unfair for some guys to be this cute and hot!! :P

By the way I am growing my hair now and am planning on relaxing it and dying it – dark black - so that I get a bit of Chinese or Japanese hair style. I hope I remain patient and not go get a short cut soon
After the restaurant, I went to the mall and did some little shopping. I bought a dress for my sister and some shorts and a T-shirt for my younger brother. I am already buying gifts for my family members – getting ready for the time I see them in June. I bought for myself a nice hat and a flashy orange bracelet.

PS: I am not likely to post anything before this coming Thursday. I will compensate when I am back.
I have so much school work that I haven’t touched yet and I have 2 exams on Tuesday and Wednesday, plus other readings and write-ups…
Then, I have a long weekend (Thursday-Sunday) that I am so looking forward too.
Wish me luck and take care of your precious self!



Eye said...

good luck with your work and dont overdo it :D

Old Midhurstian said...

Shopping can be good for the soul. All the best with your work, take care


alex said...

I also find particularly attractive Asian, especially Chinese and Japanese, not just the food. LOL
I'm glad that you have not fallen into the clutches of Valentine' depression, and you've gone out and had fun. Remember you can always buy things for yourself in Valentine (hey if you do not love yourself who is going to do). ;)
Animo y suerte, with all your schoolwork.

wayner said...

Ok, Sam, I'll treat you. Go to, check off 'like males', and enter zack81 in 'search', and you will see the Chinese guy of your dreams. 'big' dreams! Happy Valentines.

scottiestoybox said...

Best of luck. I don't think you will need it for the exams, you are smart and seem to set time aside to learn what you need to. Enjoy your non study time, glad you can take joy in eating, it is worth it to enjoy your self.

Warm thoughts,

B. said...

Good luck with your exams and school... See you when you come back, you still didn't reply my last email and I'm dying to find the answer (you know what I'm talking about)...

Sam said...

Thank you all, very much, for your wishes!!

I'm posting right now...

@ Wayner; I am at school man (under high firewall and tracking supervision) :(
Yeah; My life sucks like that - I cannot go to that web.