Friday, January 15, 2010

Work the hell out of me

Good day Fellows!

(I had no Internet connection yesterday to blog, so here's a second post for today)

So today, I had to wake up early, get breakfast in 5 minutes and leave campus for some centre to write the TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) It’s a stupid (=not that hard) test that some colleges require for non-native English speakers (like myself)
The test went OK but was too long (~ 3-4 hrs) and was all done on a PC… there were reading, listening and even speaking parts… but now it’s over and am not gonna think about it until the results are up.
I hope I get at least 100 over 120 becoz that’s what my schools (very competitive ones) require. Wish me luck (I will let you know what score I get as soon as I receive it)
I went back to campus, very exhausted! But had to join the last 15 minutes of class. It was Chemistry (my most disgusting/awful/distasteful course ever) My teacher thinks that I have nothing to do in life but study chemistry… he, himself, obviously has nothing do but Chemistry coz he left his wife and kids back in his home-country and is working at our school… he is also so lame and boring that I don’t think he’s got friends outside school. So his life=teaching chemistry + eating + sleeping.
I have to spend like 10 hours this weekend to work on my Chemistry Homework and presentation + read the material I have missed… God shall help me

And I also have to work on my other Mandarin Chinese essay and practice some characters…
Ok, I’ll stop reciting what is on my school agenda… it’s a hell of a lot and it is Boring!
My hall boys are all watching together two movies tonight (after check-in) to celebrate the end of the college application season. I don’t think I will join them. I am so tired, sleepy and overwhelmed with work. Plus, they’d probably apply some bad taste in movies lol
So I’ll be reading meanwhile and hopefully sleep early (i.e. mid night)

“YAYYYYYYYY it’s the weekend!!!”
The above sentence is something I haven’t shouted for soooooo long. Yup! At my schools the word weekend has a different meaning than the rest of the world. It is some time given to you by the school admin (as a privilege) and which should be used to work the hell out of yourself on your school projects and Homework.

(sorry for having such a boring post; I hope to compensate soon)



Tim in Italy said...

urm... I hate to say it, but once you're out of school and in the ranks of the employed, dwindling though they may be, it doesn't change much. You'll get paid, of course, but there's a likely chance that you'll still have an asshole or two over you and work will run rampant through holidays and week-ends. Pet projects will be gutted, bean-counters will dim or destroy a dream or two. The good times will fit neatly in -between all of this, of course.

So, I hope you're going to wind up doing something you truly love and follow it with all the conviction you can.

There's always Sunday sleeping late with your boyfriend!

xXxJoshuaxXx said...

Sam I cannot put it better tehn Tim did.

Do what u love.

It is the only way.

I'm working on ur mail.


B. said...

I have the same meaning of word "weekend" :)