Sunday, January 10, 2010

Plane Boredom and back to school

So my parents and my younger brother saw me off at the airport in the evening. I went very late to my boarding gate coz I was taking advantage of the very last minutes I could spend with them. I LOVE them and I am gonna miss them since I am not going to see them before June. But I know I will not be homesick anymore (this is something I dealt with last year with the help of a life coach lol)
I had a stop-over in Cairo for some 3-4 hrs and it went well. Can you imagine? There are no phone booths at ALL in the whole airport so I couldn’t call home but rather waited in vain on one of the banks, staring stupidly at people passing by and of course secretly spotting the cute guys amongst them.
My second flight was about 8 hours long and could hardly sleep on it. There were no personal TVs so all I did was trying (with not much success) to fall asleep and spent like an hour eating the food they gave us (so to pass time)
I finally landed in the morning and called my Mom before leaving the airport for school.
I am not sure how I feel about being back to school work and all that crap… I have this feeling of emptiness (have you experienced it?) that I cannot explain…
I met my roommate on the way to my room and then other friends, one after the other. Some screamed and jumped on me to hug while others shook my hand calmly. I know it’s not always that those who make the most noise are the ones who care the most. But anyway, I directly unpacked and tidied my room. And I got my school’s LAPTOP. I chatted to Mom again (yeah, we are VERY close) and sent some SMS to a few people at home, including my two lovely sisters .
I remembered I had a HUGE Chemistry booklet to read about applications of Chemistry and another practical homework to work on during the holiday. And I have NOT touched them at all. I don’t even know what they are about and I have a Chemistry lesson, first thing tomorrow. I will figure out something to tell my teacher and hand the work to him later… Though I will try tonight, after dinner to work a bit on it.
I didn’t say hi yet to this girl I used to be close to and who decided to stop talking to me beginning 2010 (because she thinks she doesn’t care about me as much as I care about her and that she feels she hurts me with this unfairness). However, I have asked someone to put in her room a gift I brought her (a teddy bear with a card saying many things: basically, that no matter what it seems or no matter what she wants, I will be there for her). As a friend of course. I have invested too much time and energy into that friendship so I feel terrible to accept losing it. I can’t wait to see her reaction…
Will she throw the gift back at me? Will she be happy and restore our friendship? Will she ask me to leave her alone?….
I will let you know what happens!

Until then, stay blessed


xXxJoshuaxXx said...


U are so blessed to have such a wonderfull relationship with ur family! Ur mom seems sweet!

Bout the friend. I have found over the years that some friendship just run their course. Some end good some bad. Point being, some just ends a natural death. And I am fine with that now.

That said, it is always nice to patch things up where possible!

Sam said...

Thank you Josh!
I really appreciate your comment... I now feel that you are very right. I feel I am ready to lose this friendship and just have to accept it. I feel I am ok with it. After being away for a while I know I can do without it...

I had to be nice though and be the good guy just for history and for her memory lol