Friday, January 22, 2010

...Pissed :S

...I am cool but deep down very pissed! I don’t know why I am not feeling as pissed as I should or as much as I think I am…. Maybe it’s gonna get to me a bit later..

I just found out that I will not be able to see my former teacher on Saturday! :- (

The thing is a bit more complicated than what I think and cannot explain to you why it is tricky to meet up with him...
The school will not let me go see him this easily. And I don’t wanna go begging the Dean to give me permission. My parents emailed the Dean to grant me consent last time but the Dean is not on good terms with the teacher so he will make it look hard…
I have emailed the Dean for permission but he just ignored it…
Moreover, if I simply go and ask him in person he will start rambling around and would probably ask me: “Why do you wanna see this teacher?” and “what do you guys discuss?” and of course I cannot tell him “it’s out of your business!”…. And then he might just make his own conclusions and find out about me….
And that is the LAST thing I want to happen!!!!
So you know why I am pissed! Damn it! I cannot wait to graduate and regain my freedom!

Pissed yet honest


xXxJoshuaxXx said...


Sux so bad. The dean seems like an ass! I'll type a email for u to make u feel better. So check later ;-)

Sam said...

Ek is lief vir jou!!!

Octavius said...

That doesn't seem flash at all! Honestly in this case I would try a little subterfuge..., if you still have time. Just say that he is tutoring you. After all, that wouldn't be far from the truth.


Sam said...

I agree, Octavius!
But then, I am now in this stage where I don't want to add much trouble to my life at school. I have had enough issues with faculty and Dean during the last terms so I kinda wanna live in the shadow and graduate peacefully ASAP.

I will keep communicating with that teacher on the phone and through emails..