Sunday, January 31, 2010

Me, Myself and I (Weird/Unique)

Happy Sunday to you all!

Today, I am posting 15 facts that are somehow weird or unique to moi.
So please enjoy getting to know more about me,


61. I have a driving license but am not a good driver; I guess it’s coz I never really practiced much
62. I once lost a USB at a Hotel and it had very personal stuff on it – like family and friends photos, personal emails and official documents… I felt so bad but then got over it and I try not to think about it.
63. I cannot curse (say the very big/nasty words) in my native language
64. I do not enjoy playing video games – I think they’re such a waste of time (no offense)
65. I do not sing while showering
66. I try as much as possible to match my underwear (boxer briefs) with the color of my clothes (specifically with the color of my T-shirts)
67. I wish I can dance better than I do; I can go with the flow though when need be
68. I can dance like "Shakira" but no one has ever seen me doing so (and hopefully no one will ever do) lol I do not like to come across as fem (no offense) and fortunately enough, I don’t :)
69. My mom says that I rarely dirtied or torn my clothes when I was young
70. I watch TV shows that my father think are not manly enough: reality TV shows, beauty pageants, plastic surgery/relooking shows, etc. Yeah, dad is a bit too old-fashioned
71. I find Jacob (Taylor Lautner) way cuter and hotter than Edward (Robert Pattinson) in new moon. I think I am in love with Taylor.. :$
72. Some friends say I walk like a male model; but it’s only because I sometimes consciously do it lol
73. I love saying the F word whenever possible (but in a cute way)
74. I am so good at flirting (with girls so far) and they love it!
75. I am such a gentleman (my girl friends say). I treat them nicely, open the door, carry their stuff, kiss their hand (on special occasions), listen well to what they say, compliment their hair/make-up/clothes, advise them , offer my shoulder as shelter… yeah


Tim in Italy said...

You don't sing in the shower? How is that possible? I always sing in the shower, preferably show tunes or old love songs like "El Paso".

I do not understand the whole Twilight phenom. To me, it's all vampire lite.

I was brought up in southern Cali and surfed all through high school and into college, so the idea of underwear is lost on me. Let alone coordinating it with, well, anything.

southern said...

Some unusual and interesting facts Sam. There are a lot of people with drivers license out on the roads that are not very good drivers - the road death toll is testament to that sadly.Was taught to speak German when I was growing up [by the parents] so I didn't get to learn any of the really bad swear words either - got a chance to make up for it when I was lucky enough to visit Europe a few times.
Regards Stef.

Sam said...

@ Tim in Italy:

That's why I had the title Weird/Unique...
I do not sing and I hate the boys in my dorms who sing with their nasty loud voices while showering early in the morning or late at night...

-I LOVE everything related to vampires (I am not obsessed with Twilight though). I wish vampires existed and that I were one of them -- They do not sleep so then I'd have more time to do the work and things I am supposed to do...

-I find it sexy not to wear underwear, especially under blue jeans lol I wonder if I'll ever do that...

@ Stef:
Thanks, man! Well, I do know the swear words in my native language but cannot say them with my own mouth - I feel it's very vulgar and nasty. However I can curse in the other foreign languages I know (such as English)

B. said...

63 - OMG, me too, like when I say them in my language it sounds so dirty and so vulgar and so BAD, but in English, French, Italian etc etc it doesn't even sound like swear to me, and I love to say the F word, also (73), it's possible to put it anywhere in English language :) and it always sounds nice...
64 - same here, I stopped playing games 5 years ago :)
71 - Who doesn't? Well, if we are realistic, the Taylor Lautner is WAY MORE better and hotter than Rob!!!

Sam said...

We're so alike :D

Lautner is such a hottie! OMG!!
Why did he have to be semi-naked the whole movie??? He's so *fuckin* cute! lol