Friday, January 29, 2010

Me, Myself and I (Tastes)

Good Day y'all!

So here are 15 new facts about me, and now around:


  31.   I like the spring season
  32.   I HATE smoking, its smell and all. But kinda got used to passive smoking because my mom and other relatives smoke…
  33.   18. I am not a big fan of alcohol; I just don’t find it that tasty. However, I don’t mind drinking it with friends around or at parties. I love the social aspect of it! I dislike the taste of whiskey and beer. I like Vodka when mixed with Redbull or some juice, oh and I love alcoholic Cocktails!
  34.   I have no ONE favorite food. I like exotic cuisines; cannot eat very chilly stuff
  35.   I LOVE Mango in all it forms: fresh fruit, juice, ice cream
  36.   I have something for bracelets – I love owning them but don’t always have them in my hands. I give out a lot of them to friends when they say they like them and want them.
  37.   I love rings too but they somehow annoy me; especially when I scratch myself with them while washing my face.
  38.   I like the smell of (light) matches
  39.   I do not really have a one favorite color. Whit and light colors match me very well. So does black!
  40.   I love having some occasion/event to dress up. “Dress up good; feel good!”
  41.   I do not fancy people with big tattoos all over their bodies
  42.   I love colored eyes
  43.   I LOVE Disney Channel and I can spend a whole day on it if I got nothing to do. I also love all Disney songs (New World, Beauty and the Beast, Son of man, etc.) Do not get me wrong; I aint childish or so; I simply enjoy sweet and cool shows from time to time lol
  44.   I watched all three “High School Musical” and am not ashamed of it – I know almost all the songs by heart lol
  45.   I find medium-long and straight hair on guys very hot


Tim in Italy said...

Sam, you inspire me! You bare your breast and dare the arrows to fly! I would only admit to watching the Disney Channel on occasion: Boy Meets World (Matthew Lawrence!) Jumping Ship (Matthew Lawrence!) But I have never watched a Jonas Bros. concert... although I see that Nick Jonas graces the cover of V-Man magazine this month. That certainly gives one pause. Still, until they appear in a Lady Gaga video, all bets are off.

Sam said...

hehe... yeah Disney is irreplaceable! lol
and Lady Gaga is THE hit!

xXxJoshuaxXx said...

Kewl stuff Sammy, keep it coming!

Scottie said...

Hey do you have good taste, or just taste good. LOL
Great work on the blog
Best wishes

Sam said...

Thanks Josh! Keep it comin, eh? lol

Thanks Scottie... I am flattered!

alex said...

Green Mango with salt, yummy. At Uni, most of my classmates went to the premieres of Disney movies, always using younger siblings or nephews as an excuse; those who did not have either, borrowed.

Sam said...

Hey Alex! It's funny how ridiculous some can be... trying to find an excuse for something this superficial. If only openness and honesty was the norm in this life..... lol


B. said...

10 out of 15 in common :) I should try to open to my readers like this. Great idea, thanks for inspiring me :P

Sam said...

OMG!! that's super awesome!

I think posting such facts helps fellow bloggers understand u better and hence give u more helpful feedback and advice on other posts...