Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Me, Myself and I (Interests)

Good day Great People!!
So I also want you to get to know me better so I will be posting a list of facts about me.
For originality’s sake, I’ll post 90 facts (not 100 lol) and will divide those facts into 6 different sections (15 facts each) according to the following:
  • Interests;
  • Education/Work;
  • Tastes;
  • Looks;
  • Unique/Weird facts; 
  • Family/Friends.
For now I will start with “Interests”. You can decide what you want me to post next by either commenting or emailing me.
PS: Feel free to ask/clarify anything – no matter how weird you think it would sound lol 


  1. I hate all kinds of sports that have balls in them that are bigger than the size of the tennis’ ball (i.e. soccer/football, basket ball, volley ball) but I can decently play them though, if need be.
  2. From sports, I enjoy hiking, cycling, climbing, table-tennis, tennis, Frisbee
  3. I love swimming; I am good at it (recreationally) but do not play it competitively
  4. I can paint; it’s my number one hobby/talent
  5. I cannot sing; I wish I could so that I would have quitted school long time ago and started a singer career lol
  6. I like acting but never did it on a school stage or so. I think I’d either act for something big (like a TV show or a movie) or nothing at all. I act in life though- almost everybody does that, I think. lol
  7. I love cooking, especially desserts like cheese cake and Tiramisu.
  8. I like ballroom dancing and hip hop; wanna take lessons in those
  9. I like almost all types of music but am not addicted to any of it; as in, I am not like those who cannot study, walk, sleep, eat… without having music played in the background. Music is my refuge at certain times: boredom, unhappiness, anger, excitement, romance…
  10. I like shopping; my sisters and mom rely on my taste when I go shopping with them. I hate it when people say: “All guys hate shopping!” or so
  11. I am very tidy – my room is always well organized
  12. I love watching movies – with people
  13. I love traveling for the sake of seeing new places and making social contacts
  14. I am a very social person – I listen well to people and make friends easily. People could easily tell whether I like them or not
  15. I love wasting time – especially online


Tim in Italy said...

Well, I like the way you've broken your information down. It's very unique and creative, and I'm looking forward to learning more. You and Joshua are certainly putting yourselves out there, so thanks for that!

xXxJoshuaxXx said...

OMG LOLZ nr 9 just killed me there,

I think u should uploads some of ur pictures/painting on the blog for our viewing pleasure!

Kewl stuff!

Micky said...

Lots of gay guyz FAMOUSLY love shopping and, of course, we have impeccable taste!

Of course you can cook. You can make toast and you can open a tin before heating the contents in a pan. You can also heat up a quiche or something in an oven so you can do lunch! It's simple!

I bet also that you could do loads of 'main meals' or dinners/suppers, call it what you will.

Do you play cricket then? French or English?

And table tennis? That's good for meeting people from China isn't it? Aren't most of the top players Chinese?

Do you ride donkeys or horses or goats or bikes or motorbikes?

Do you like watching clouds / weather / the sky in general?

What do you wear in bed?
(I always ask people that one.)

Sam said...

Thank you guys for being around! :)

Joshua; you're like one of those described in nr 9, right? lol

-Shopping is the SHIT! lol
-I can cook way better than toasting and opening a tin. Indeed, I can do fancy meals!
-I do not play cricket; it is not that popular back home, at my current school, or amongst my friends.
-I'd love to meet Chinese guys! Then I can practice my Mandarin lol
-I ride bikes; it's fun. I can ride donkeys (seriously) and can definitely ride people!! (lol)
-I Love contemplating the nature; well that's why I enjoy hiking! I do look at the sky and admire the sunset (especially if a beloved one is around)
-My bed attire depends on the season and the mood. I do wear pajamas (nice ones) when it's cold and when it's hot boxer briefs would do.


B. said...

We have 12/15 in common :)

Sam said...

OMG!!! B
Nice ;)

(my turn to use these 3 letters lol)