Saturday, January 9, 2010

Last day at home, getting ready for school :S

Good day!

(I am sorry, in advance, if this post sounds boring. Don't read if you don't have much time...I will post better stuff in the near future.)

So yesterday night relatives came to our place to say good bye to me. I’ll be going away for 5-6 months (for the last time before college) to my boarding high school. I don’t feel ready yet to be back to school and school work… you know how things get moody at this moment.
I hate school work! Who doesn’t?
(though I am really good at it lol I wonder why… oh by the way, last school term, I won the award for academic excellence which I was totally NOT expecting because of the stress I went through with my college apps and all…. So that really made me happy for a while; college will see my report card and it’s great to show that I have maintained high grades.)
Anyway, today (Saturday) I am traveling (my flight is in the evening). I don’t know how I am feeling about it. I know I will miss my family and all but I also have people I love/care about at school which is cool… but you know, human relationships are always difficult so I have some friendship to take care of at school, some should be destroyed (for they have caused me more harm than good) and others need to be strengthened.
I bought some gifts to my favorite teacher and a couple of friends; I bought for myself a LOT of junk food and candies to keep in my cupboard in my room.
I will soon describe my school system to you (curfew/meals/classes/activities/rooms…) in a single post.
Please wish me safe trip, and I will get back to you as soon as I retrieve my laptop at school.



xXxJoshuaxXx said...


Well, u must remember to pack ur socks. I always forget to pack socks lol!

So ur a smart boy, eh?

Have a safe trip bud!!!

Sam said...

I dnt like to be called so.. I blush n make pple shut up when they speak like that lol
I packed socks.. tho I have loads of them back at school lol

I just landed n am feelin a bit low n TIRED!