Friday, January 8, 2010

Interesting discussion with a close friend… and updates

Ok, so I am still on holidays at home (sweet home)
Nothing much is up (because I am home, obviously)
I haven’t done any academic related deeds this holidays coz I had enough stress at school (college apps, exams, SATs n all….) last trimester. These holidays had to be about CHILLAXING only. All I did was lazing around at my place, having a lot of good food (mom’s of course.)
By the way, I missed my family during school time so it was nice seeing them all again (in good health, Thanks God!) but now it’s time to leave them again. We are a happy family (as much as possible) wherein we have meals together on a daily basis and we all do talk (nicely) to each other.
I haven’t seen any of my friends from my former school because I am not THAT friends with them anymore. They are seriously very immature and narrow-minded! Most of them moved into various colleges within the country and don’t see one another so it’s hard for me to ask them for a reunion and to party altogether…
I only saw one of my friends… Sarah. She is a really cool one, probably the most liberal one amongst them. During one discussion we had (2 days ago) she was talking to me about the group of friends she hung out with at college for a brief time. She says it was a gay group. Thanks Goodness she didn’t speak in a demeaning way about them (like most other people I know in my country). She says they were fun and caring and that they introduced her to the “gay world” (I quote her). I got pissed of that wording but did not let her notice… (She thinks I am very straight) What hurt me more was her telling me that she ditched all that group (although she used to enjoy chilling with them) because other people at her college started rumors about her being lesbian. I was “what the heck!?” I mean, isn’t friendship about being around people you can smile/laugh/be yourself with? I told her it was a bad thing to ditch them but couldn’t elaborate more on that. She simply changed the topic and moved on.
Now it was my turn to talk to her about my romance life at boarding school (abroad). She was clearly looking forward to hear about girlfriends, so I had to tell her what she wanted to hear. (it’s hard not to be oneself with someone you call close friend :S)
So I told her about that girl at my current school (I’ll tell you about her later) with whom I was very close friends for like a year, started dating her (coz she gave me infinite signals that she wanted that) and then broke up with her (coz I felt awkward being her boyfriend) and then our friendship shook badly and is now about to DIE! (I am working on fixing this as soon as I get back on campus and will tell you about it)
So basically that was what my friend at home and I talked about…
I am now off to pack my suitcase. I am traveling back to school (in another continent lol) tomorrow evening and have to leave my laptop coz my mom says I had spent more time with my laptop instead of them (my family)
Hope things are well on your side and thanks for reading!


xXxJoshuaxXx said...


lol this is kinda freaking me out to
type this way. quite confusing

anyways, i think u were right to tell ur friend that she was dumb to leave 
her group of "gay" friends

on a brighter note atleast the commentating option is working properly

speak soon

Sam said...

Yeah. I am happy I sort that out.
Will work on bettering the whole thing soon.
talk soon