Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Homosexuality in Africa… a must read!

Hello All!
Please find below some facts about how homosexuality is viewed in Africa.

Let’s start with some quotes by African Leaders and things they did:
  Mugabe (Zimbabwe)
       “sexual perverts”
       “lower than pigs and dogs”
       “we don’t believe they have rights at all”
  Museveni (Uganda)
       calling on the Ugandan police to arrest all homosexuals or anyone indulging in unnatural sexual practices
  Nujoma (Namibia)
       homosexuality was a “borrowed sub culture, alien to Africa and Africans”
  Lesbian women in South Africa are being raped by men who believe it will “cure” them of their sexual orientation, according to a shocking new report by ActionAid.
  ”Corrective” rape survivors interviewed by ActionAid for the report Hate Crimes: the rise of corrective rape in South Africa, said that verbal abuse from their attackers before and during the rape included them “teaching us a lesson” and “showing us how to be real women and what a real man tasted like.” The research was carried out in conjunction with ActionAid partners People Opposed to Women Abuse (POWA), Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and the Lesbian and Gay Equality Project (LGEP).
  In 2007, the International Gay and Lesbian Association (IGLA) conducted a global survey on the legal status of homosexuality and found that 40 of Africa’s 53 countries had legislation that deemed homosexuality to be an illegal act. Overall, the IGLA cited anti-homosexual laws in 91 countries worldwide, with Africa therefore accounting for almost 50% of all homophobic legislation. A similar study conducted in 2009 found that no less than 80 countries around the world considered homosexuality illegal. In five of these - including Sudan, as well as parts of Nigeria and Somalia - homosexual acts were said to be punishable with death.

PS: I did not personally do this research but a very good friend of mine did; so credits go to him.

I don’t know if there is any way I can comment about this without having to get emotional and angry.
I simply hope that people, all over the globe, become more aware, understanding, respectful, and yes: civilised!

(I will be posting some other interesting research soon)

Stay Blessed,


xXxJoshuaxXx said...

U make it seem so bad. O, wait is is actually bad! Luckily in my country this is not the case.

Tim in Italy said...

Hello, Sam. I'm a stray from Joshua's blog, so blame him.

Given the list of African nations you've presented there's none of them could be mistaken for Eden on earth (Zimbabwe??!!) The point is, morality is easy to legislate and it looks like you're doing something. I think it's also true that ppl get the governments they deserve. So, if the ppl are content to stand by and accept sham legislation in place of real reform, the road will be long an weary.

But look at the way things were in the US just 30 years ago. It'll happen, just not overnight.

Sam said...

@ Josh... it is actually this bad in Africa and in other places like the Middle East... but of course there are always some exceptions i.e. SA.

I guess it also depends on people's surrounding/environment coz even in some parts in SA, for instance, culture and religion still have there influence and mask people's opinions and personal beliefs, so although there are great laws in place, many people may be not understanding and respectful enough...
it's normal, I guess

@ Tim in Italy: Welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for your comment.
I agree with you!

John Doe said...

this sucks =[ i just read about the trial in cali so im in like a depressed mood now =[

Sam said...

Oh! I just read about this trial... it sucks!! I hope things turn well in your favor...

B. said...

I also was searching for this these past few weeks, and two days ago I've spent almost whole night reading this (

Notice how the Africa is red (dangerous)...

Well, in my opinion, the gay rights are only a the beginning of the equality... :(

And this year Uganda is making some law that occurs death penalty to all open gays in that country... This is the first catholic country doing that kind of penalties for the gays :(

I sometimes feel that I can never come out, like we are living in Middle Ages and not Modern Age... Even the people in Ancient Greece were more understaning and better than todays's society, even if they were ANCIENT, they recognised the "different" as NORMAL :)

Sam said...

OMG! Middle-East and Africa are like hell hehe
Best of luck to us... we've got such an interesting and challenging life ahead of us lol

If only, people acknowledge that different is not equal to wrong...
Screw them all! lol