Saturday, January 30, 2010

Me, Myself and I (Looks)

Good day Friends!

Here are new 15 facts about me. Guess it's gonna be exciting coz now I am posting about my....


46.   I used to have vampire-like teeth but now I fixed them – I kinda regret it
47.   I have a nice scar on my forehead  – just like Harry Potter lol. But it is horizontal not vertical. People don't tend to see it if I don't mention it. I love it!
48.   I can’t live without having a watch in my hand; even if it is not working. I think it’s just that I am simply used to having some weight on my left hand. But I DO check it quite often.
49.   I love VERY tight jeans but never worn them outside the clothes shop… I wear somehow tight ones, but not very tight, though.
50.   I am metrosexual by choice :)
51.   I love pink shirts/T-Shirts… but only have a few (~4) of them. I think pink is very attractive on men! We all do, don’t we? lol
52.   I don’t like growing facial hair and luckily don’t have much of it; I always carry a fresh clean cut!
53.   I have always wanted to have long hair but never did. You know, it reaches that stage where it gets annoying so I get tired and cut it short.
54.   I have braided my hair twice and loved it! Now I have a short and messy Mohawk
55.   David Beckham and Joe Jonas are my fashion icons! I don’t have only one particular fashion style though… I wear what suits me well… sexy and formusual (formal + casual) lol
56.   I like scarves and hats… all types and colors
57.   I have no tattoos or piercing anywhere (yet lol); just coz my parents hate them to bits! (I am thinking of getting a small tattoo somewhere that not everyone sees… shhh!)
58.   I love my eye brows; especially how they look now – quite similar to Joe Jonas’ (I fix them a bit, only from the middle and think many guys should do so!)
59.   I wear spectacles but can get rid of them if they do not match my look – I think the ones I have now are cool but am getting new ones (even cooler) soon 
60.   Many people have told me that my toes look pretty! I know they do; they’re well proportional and follow a nice arc-shape! (too much information eh?) lol  I wear sandals/slippers quite often. But converse All star is my favorite daily shoes by far (comfy n cool) lol


Micky said...

I've missed something about your build, height, weight, hair and eye colour, have I?

It's hard to get a picture.

And yes, pink is very certain-type-of-man!

Sam said...

ok, I am tall, skinny (acceptable weight though)... black, brown...

Got the picture?

southern said...

Sam it's been an interesting way to get to know you a bit better.
When I was younger I always wanted to grow my hair long - but having a barber for a father he made sure it was always cut short - when I gained my independence I just let it grow but found it hard to manage but at least I got to choose when and how it was cut.
Regards Stef.

Tim in Italy said...

Another informative post, but a bit sly in obscuring any salient details, as Micky pointed out. But I think we all understand the reason and the necessity.

And thank you for not finding comparisons between you and Zac Efron. Even if you were his twin. One is led to conclude that all boys with blogs look like Zac Efron. If true, it would make it difficult to remember who you bought the drink for.

Sam said...

Thanks Stef! I am glad my posts have been informative enough.

@ Tim in Italy:
hahaha... your comment made me laugh!
Man, you know you can ask me for any clarification and what not (as Micky did) and then I'd respond...
I did give some good details, I think(eyebrows, scar, etc.)

Anyway, I am glad I don't have much in common with Zack Efron lol He's not my ultimate favorite, btw. You're right about how funny it is to think that every blogger could be compared to Zack lol