Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear Drama Queen… I am over you!


Thank you very much for all the followers!! I love you guys!

Here is the first post for today

So I am settled back at school and teachers are back to their old tricks: Making us, students work like animals!
I will never forgive them for making my stay in this country the most horrible and annoying experience ever! I cannot wait to graduate. So I have something to look forward to, about 5-6 months left and I am off, for good! :- ) Can’t wait for the countdown!!

Anyway, so that “Drama Queen” (the girl friend who wanted us to stop being friends and the one I gave the gift to) and I haven’t been talking much, just saying “Hi, wassup?” when we bum into each other on campus. I really don’t feel like talking to her… I don’t have any hatred for her; just indifference. And I am so proud of myself for that!!! I can’t believe that I am finally over her!
So yesterday night, at 10:00 PM; she asks one of the guys in my dorms to call me. So I went to meet her and she asked me to go for a walk with her outside the school building (we have like separate buildings around a huge green quad so we walked around the quad)
I didn’t know what she wanted and thought she’ll be asking me why I am not talking to her but she did not. Another good thing! She knows that I am not always meant to be the one who calls the other.
She was going over and over about lending this Maths SAT book to some other girl who didn’t return it on time and how this pissed her off and then started telling me about her worries about doing badly on the test and not making into college… So I had to give her reassurance and advise her to cool down and strategise her study plan, blab la bla… And that was it : -)
Well, I don’t know what was that about… I guess she’s probably just applying what I told her… I told her I will be there for her (no matter what) and she’s making use of me to feel better (she wanted to speak with someone and had no one to talk to, so she said). I am cool with that. Whatever, it’s not that I care about her (specifically) as much as I used to but it makes me feel good to hear from someone and try to help.
Oh, another thing she said was that she’s making the teddy bear (the one I gave her) sleep next to her. I asked her to call it “Sammy” and told her stupid stuff like “He shall be there with u when I cannot be there geographically; tell him all u want n he shall lemme know; do with him all u’d wanna do with me… blab la” yeah.. So she asked me if Sammy is reporting back to me coz she’s been making good use of him =P I said “NO” u need to train him… LOL
And I went back to my room and forgot about her : )
In previous times, I would have waited to see what her skype would be because she’d sometimes put stuff related to me, But yesterday I did NOT! I am so proud of myself again!!! :D

I went early to bed that night (11:30 PM) coz I had TOEFL to write the second day…

Peace and Love (credits to Josh )


B. said...

TOEFL, so you're not originally from America? OK the next question I will ask through the email :) cause probably it's private, and I don't want to share it here...

And one more thing, are you sure that the girl (Drama Queen) doesn't have crush on you, cause it sounds for me that she has, the way she acts, talks (the typical girl reaction when she wants someone to notice her)... and you are probably giving her some signals (even if you are not aware of that), or you don't even intented to do that, but she sees them as signals (the bear, the part that you are always there for her etc.)...

Sam said...

You're right!

That Drama Queen did like me and I did like her too...
That's why we were VERY close friends for almost a year and then tried to go out together...
Then, she said she never gave me such signals yet I am dead sure she DID. Why on earth would you ever tell someone "I feel like kissing you" or "I like you too" if you don't want them to think you like them? (she said those things to me before)

Unfortunately, now I am SO over her and we barely speak... It's coz of me. I don't really take the initiative to find her or chat with her... she does sometimes come to me though...

I am over her... what can I do? lol